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What is rss.js?
    • This is a restored page. I let the domain lapse in 2014, but thankfully the site was preserved by The last update was 9/10/2012; 7:34:01 PM.
    • My name is Dave Winer.
    • RSS is a popular syndication format, produced by a wide of publications, blogs and apps. It's used to distribute items of content, which can have a title, link and/or description. It supports categories, enclosures, comments and allows for namespaces to extend the format. It's the basis for podcasting.
    • RSS is an XML-based format. XML is widely deployed and debugged, and will be with us for a very long time. For example all the HTML content on the web is in XML.
    • JSON is gaining popularity as a parallel to XML.
    • At this stage it's a question.
    • Should we distribute RSS data in JSON as well as XML?
    • If so, what would JSONified RSS look like?
    • What applications would arise from it?
    • Here's the Scripting News RSS 2.0 feed expressed in JSON.
    • It's a simple mapping. If an element in the XML has attributes, we make each attribute a sub-element, and put the value of the element in a sub-element named #value.
    • Can you put together a demo JavaScript app that runs off this data?
    • What changes, if any, do you feel need to be made to this format?
    • It's nice that the browsers don't mess with rss.js data as they do with the XML version. Can we hope that they leave this format alone? :-)
    • What icon would we use? The same orange radio signal icon that Mozilla and Microsoft came up with?
    • Update: I wrote a blog post about this.